The Mobile Observatory

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Night Sky Astronomy Tours

Experience childlike wonder as you discover the hidden treasures of the night sky with Western Australia's largest mobile telescope for public viewing.

We bridge the gap between the public and professional observatories offering you views that previously were only accessible to a select few professional astronomers.

Video Astronomy

The future of amateur astronomy! Watch live colour video of Planets, Nebulas and other Galaxies too faint for your eyes to see in detail, even with our telescope! It's the closet thing to being in space yourself.

The image to the right is a screen snapshot of a single 20 second exposure of the Orion Nebula without processing taken from a suburban location with a 3/4 moon. The image above while more detailed, took about 4 hours to expose and process.

Events & Deep Sky Getaways

Have an event you want to make truly memorable? We will come to you and customise an experience to suit you.

Alternatively, come with us on on an unforgettable getaway to some of the darkest skies in the world. It's the perfect holiday experience in some of the most beautiful and untouched landscape in Western Australia. 

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Mobile Observatory

...your window to the universe!


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