2 Hour Astronomy Experience

The Mobile Observatory brings you the best views of the universe outside of a professional observatory. With Australia's largest mobile telescope for public viewing the views are truly out of this world.

This engaging, informative and inspiring astronomy experience will spark your imagination and childlike wonder!

So much of the Universe is hidden behind distance and time, but with our Observatory sized telescopes, a seemingly empty area of the night sky comes alive to reveal nebulas, star clusters and even far-away galaxies!

Depending on the current phase of the moon you will see its craters and lava lakes appear close enough to touch; while on a moonless night the dark skies reveal fainter objects and even distant galaxies!

Neighbouring planets like Jupiter and Saturn are always a favourite and visible most nights between May and early October; as are some beautiful nebulae, brilliant star clusters and more, during this engaging and informative Astronomy Tour.

While science is the larger part of astronomy, we will give you only as much of the science aspect as you want. Whether it's a little or a lot; you get to decide!

This will give you an idea of the size of some stars in our amazing galaxy

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