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Who we are and what we offer:

The Mobile Observatory is a family business owned and operated by Peter and Karen O’Connor.  The business was born from Peter’s love of astronomy from an early age, and Karen’s passion for nature, traveling and connecting with people. Sharing our passion is what we do best; so whether you are a night sky novice or an avid astronomer, you’ll feel right at home with our informative, engaging and inspiring range of experiences.

Our universe is a place of wonder and beauty hidden from our view, yet when you look through powerful telescopes an incredible new world is revealed... and the larger the telescope, the better the views and the more you get to see.  That is what makes an experience with The Mobile Observatory so special… looking through their 22 inch, 2.3 metre tall mobile telescope allows you view things very few people ever get to see. 

Imagine looking at an ‘empty’ area of sky and discovering a cluster of 10 million stars, or noticing fascinating details in an otherwise faint nebula. Of course, seeing the planets in winter is simply spectacular, with Saturn and Jupiter being everyone’s favourite!  Yet even our humble moon becomes an object of wonder when seen through our powerful telescopes, with its rugged landscape of deep craters and tall mountain ranges appearing close enough to touch.

I love the textures on the moon, yet Peter will tell you (as every true astronomer will), that the best views are on a moonless night, because everything you see through the telescope appears clearer and brighter, and it allows us to see distant galaxies. And when you do, consider this - not only are you seeing the light from stars that has been traveling through space for millions of years before it reached your eyes, but you are also among a selected number of people in the world to have ever seen another galaxy first hand.  

That is why we love what we do and have created a range of unique stargazing experiences to share the wonder. From seasonal group astronomy experiences, to Dusk to Dawn All-Night sessions for the avid astronomer and wonder seeker, and now, a range of Stargazing and Astro Glamping Getaways.

We operate in selected locations away from city lights, yet only a short drive from popular holiday destinations in Western Australia to make our experiences easily accessible. We also take only small groups to provide plenty of telescope viewing time. 

For those wanting a personalised experience, we also cater for private events. If you have a special occasion, fundraiser or corporate event in mind, contact us to discuss how we can make sure your special occasion is truly unforgettable!

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Did you know we also cater for private events in Western Australia?  From special occasions to corporate events, fundraisers and school camps - if the stars align, we can customise an experience to suit your needs! Simply get in touch to find out if we can customise a truly memorable Experience for you.

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