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Solar System Discovery - 1 Hour Tour

Experience childlike wonder as you discover the hidden treasures of the night sky with Australia's largest mobile telescope for public viewing.

Discover the beauty and wonder of our solar system as you see the Rings of Saturn, Jupiter's Great Red Storm and the craters of the Moon and more, like never before. 

The Mobile Observatory bridges the gap between the public and professional observatories, offering you views in our Astronomy Tours that previously were only accessible to a select few professional astronomers.

Deep Sky Experience - 1.5 Hour Tour

So much of the Universe is hidden behind distance and time,  but with our Observatory sized telescope we unveil these mysteries and show them to you with unparalleled detail and ease.

We bring to light the most stunning and sought after objects in the Southern Hemisphere including Stunning Nebula's, distant Galaxies, incredible Star Clusters, colourful double stars and more.

Views like this are rarely seen outside of professional observatories; fortunately, The Mobile Observatory's mission is to bring the wonder of the Universe to everyone, anywhere!

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