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The Mobile Observatory brings you the best views of the universe outside of a professional observatory, with Australia's largest mobile telescope for public viewing.

We are passionate about sharing the beauty and wonders of our universe in an engaging, informative and inspiring experience that is sure to spark your imagination.

So much of the Universe is hidden behind distance and time, but with our observatory sized telescopes a seemingly empty area of the night sky  reveals incredible sights. From beautiful star clusters to fascinating nebulas and even galaxies millions of light years away.

And when the moon is over the horizon, its rugged landscape of deep craters and mountain ranges will seem close enough to touch.

During the winter months, the planets are a wonderful addition to the show. When you see Saturn and its rings through our 22 inch (2.3m tall) telescope you will wonder if the image is 'real', because it seems too perfect to be a planet about 1.5 billion kilometers away.  Another favourite is Jupiter, the largest of our solar system planets. Seeing the colour and texture of its  bands of storm clouds appear before your eyes is truly remarkable.

And for those who want to see it all - star clusters, planets, the moon, nebulas and even distant galaxies, we have created a unique apportunity to explore it all, during one of our Dusk to Dawn Astronomy Experiences, when the telescopes are set all night to enjoy the full gambit of celestial objects as they make their way across the night sky, and all as you learn some fascinating facts about the universe .

The Mobile Observatory - for those inspired by the extraordinary!



Have you ever wanted to see the Rings of Saturn or  perhaps the great storm of Jupiter? With The Mobile Observatory you can experience them as few people have ever had the opportunity to.



Who doesn't love the moon? (Aside from anyone trying to look at galaxies. Right, well, moving on... )

Well, it's our closest neighbour and through our telescopes you'll be able to see it in such incredible detail you'll think you could reach out and touch it.

Deep Space


When the moon is dark the Universe's hidden wonders become visible.

See Nebula's, Globular Clusters and light from Galaxies that have been travelling to you since the time of the Dinosaurs over 60 Million years ago.

Our Equipment


Our top quality equipment will give you the best views possible. From our 22" Observatory sized telescope to the best eyepieces on the market, everything we do is designed to give you an amazing astronomy experience.

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Where we operate


We are a true 'Mobile Observatory' and we can operate anywhere in Western Australia. From April until October we will be operating between Exmouth and Carnarvon and everywhere in between.

Check our Bookings tab to see where we are now and where you can find us later.

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We love to travel around sharing the amazing sights the universe has to offer. Want to find out where we will be so you can experience them too?

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