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Our universe is a place of wonder and beauty hidden from our view, yet when you look through powerful telescopes an incredible new world is revealed... and the larger the telescope, the better the views and the more you get to see.

That’s what makes an astronomy experience with The Mobile Observatory so special… our 2.3 meter tall Mobile Observatory allows you to see things that few people ever get the chance to experience. 

Imagine looking at a seemingly empty area of sky and discovering a cluster of 10 million stars, or noticing fascinating details in an otherwise faint nebula. When the moon is in the sky you will see its deep craters and mountain ranges appear close enough to touch; yet on a moonless night you can witness the light from a galaxy millions of light years away with your own eyes! 

Whether it is objects from our solar system, our galaxy, or beyond; we are passionate about sharing the best views available on the night and interesting facts about our universe so you can discover a world of endless possibilities.

We operate in locations away from city lights, yet only a short drive from popular holiday destinations and cater for small groups to ensure plenty of viewing time; so join us for an unforgettable night and experience the extraordinary! 

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Did you know we also cater for private events in Western Australia?  From special occasions to corporate events, fundraisers and school camps - if the stars align, we can customise an experience to suit your needs! Simply get in touch to find out if we can customise a truly memorable Experience for you.

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