Partnering with The Mobile Observatory

The Mobile Observatory presents a perfect partnership opportunity for Nature Based businesses, that guarantees their customers a truly unique experience that is impossible to forget.

To see the Universe come alive in incredible detail through one of Australia’s largest telescopes available for private viewing is truly an extraordinary and memorable experience; and one that perfectly aligns with Eco Tourism values.

Our 22” observatory size telescope offers views of the Universe only a select few ever get to see, as telescopes this size are commonly only available during a visit to an observatory site. This enables us to confidently brand the experience as unique.


A truly unique experience


We offer a truly unique and unforgettable experience to enhance for your customers and guests.

Guests will enjoy amazing views as our fully computerised telescopes point at a seemingly empty area of the night sky and reveals a world of wonder, for example: Omega Centauri – a globular cluster containing millions of stars - one of the largest and closest globular clusters to Earth.

Planets, nebulas and galaxies, star clusters and globular clusters, all come to life in amazing detail. 

Why partner with The Mobile Observatory?

Whether it is packaged as ‘Dining Under The Stars’, an ‘Exclusive Star Gazing Evening’ or as part of a Corporate Retreat - your beautiful setting, some of the darkest skies on earth and our range of telescopes will provide your guests with an amazing and unforgettable experience they won’t find anywhere else.

Partnering with The Mobile Observatory for events will offer you a new point of difference to attract and engage new customers.

It becomes the perfect activity for escaping our information saturated lives as it sparks creativity and imagination, opening the mind to a world of possibilities and creating a perfect environment for learning and lateral thinking.

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