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What is Video Astronomy?

The human eye is simply not sensitive enough to see colours and the fainter detail of astronomical objects like Nebulae, Galaxies and distant star clusters.

With the improvements in camera technology, live Astro Video has become possible, streaming live colour images of astronomy objects directly to a laptop or monitor. 

Video Astronomy allows you to see these objects in real time. It's the closest thing to being in space yourself. 

...your window to the universe!

Many long time astronomers have tired of looking at the same objects with their only option of seeing more detail is to get a bigger telescope. Some have forsaken their optical viewing entirely for the freshness of video astronomy.

We at The Mobile Observatory love both, so our solution is, after you have looked at something amazing through the 22" telescope, you can then see the same object in greater detail and colour on our monitor being streamed live through our Astro Video Camera.

Keep a momento as a free gift from us.

We want you to be able to remember your time with us and share your experience with friends and family, so we want you to have something free from us.

Every object we stream through our monitor will have a snapshot taken and we will email you a slideshow of all the things you looked at with us to remind you that the night sky is far more wondrous than it may first appear.

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...your window to the universe!



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